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Business App Packages

A “Basic Mobile App” costs $1,500, it Deforest Buckner Jersey is designed to increase your brand awareness, it builds rapport and includes these functionalities: Business Contact Information, One-tap Calling and GPS Directions, Car Finder, Link to website, Photo Gallery, Menus & Table Reservations, Video/Camera Functionality, 3 Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn).

A “Standard Mobile App” costs $3,000, its purpose is to drive sales on Smartphones and includes the functionalities above plus: Maps and Directions to Multiple Locations, Video Gallery, Voice Recorder Functionality, News Feeds, Tip Calculator, Mortgage Calculator, Mobile Food & Drinks Ordering Tab, Non Restaurant Product Ordering Tab.

A “Premium Mobile App” costs $5,000, its main focus is viral marketing, customer retention, reputation building and includes the functionalities of a Basic and Standard App plus: Discount Offer Tab, QR Coupons and Loyalty Programs Tabs, Event Planner Tab, Customer’s Testimonials & Reviews Tab, Viral Marketing (Rewarding Customers for Active Facebook/Twitter posts, shares, etc.).

Android and Apple


19% German V.A.T. Tax included.


Hosting & Optimization Fees

We charge monthly maintenance fees for hosting and optimization of $150 (Basic & Standard Deforest Buckner Authentic Jersey App) and $250 (Premium App) to update the app and keep it compliant with the terms of services (TOS) on both Deforest Buckner Womens Jersey platforms. Apple charges a yearly $99 hosting fee and Google charges $25 cialisfromuk.com.

Business App Marketing

We offer customized marketing services to local businesses to place their app in front of the target audience besides relying on traditional methods such as flyers, newspapers and billboard ads.

We run location based ads with Social Media and Google. Based on the information you provide us from a one-on-one consultation we seek to maximize your ROI, Deforest Buckner Youth Jersey sales and downloads while keeping your marketing costs to a bare minimum. Prices for business app Deforest Buckner Kids Jersey marketing vary based on the needs of the client.

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